Coordinator: Peter Lang, PhD
Student Admissions

UF Students participating in research at the Center are generally registered either in the Department of Clinical & Health Psychology (CHP) in the School of Public Health and Health Professionals, or in the Department of Psychology, in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and pursue the curriculum, course-work, and evaluations of their Department.

Prospective UF students for 2020 seeking clinical training and a research emphasis on the study of anxiety, mood, and trauma disorders should contact Dr. Peter J. Lang, a mentor of the CHP faculty. Prospective students planning to focus on basic research in psychology should contact Dr. Andreas Keil, a student mentor on the Department of Psychology faculty.

All new students are expected to have a strong STEM background and prior experience in research data analysis.

The Center includes two special training initiatives, at different levels of research apprentice development:

The Center has an advanced training program to mentor post-doctoral students and junior faculty. The development of a young investigator's own programmatic research in emphasized. The intention is that after this experience, participants leave the Center as fully functioning independent scientists.

A special 2 year program of post-baccalaureate study: This program is intended for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in psychology or basic science, who plan to apply for graduate training in psychology, and who wish to focus their intellectual goals and gain preparatory experience in laboratory research. Students work full-time and receive monetary compensation, but are counseled and instructed as graduate students, participating in the execution of experiments and data analysis, learning psychophysiological recording, computer and other technical skills and participating in and presenting their work at weekly laboratory meetings.


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