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Dear Colleague

Thank you for your interest in the International Affective Picture System (IAPS, pronounced “EYE-APS”). The International Affective Picture System (IAPS) provides normative ratings of emotion (pleasure, arousal, dominance) for a set of color photographs that provide a set of normative emotional stimuli for experimental investigations of emotion and attention.

Considering our exclusively scholarly interests and our status as a unit of the State University, we do not sell these materials. We provide them solely for use in  academic, not-for-profit research at recognized degree-granting educational institutions.

To receive the IAPS for your research, please fill out and submit the IAPS Researcher Information Form. Upon submission of this form, you will receive an email asking you to print, sign and email the IAPS User Agreement. Within 30 days of receiving your signed User Agreement, you will receive a username and password, and the link to download the IAPS. This link should not be shared, distributed, or linked to from another website.

As already stated, these images are made freely available to non-profit researchers at degree-granting institutions. It is expected that they will be used only in basic and health research projects. In accepting these materials, researchers are expected not to provide them to profit making companies or organizations. Furthermore, they are expected not to make them available to the media (television, magazines, etc.) or to place them on the internet in any form. These images should not be used for teaching or as examples of affective stimuli in school courses. Making these materials familiar to the general public can seriously compromise their value as stimuli in many research projects.

Because part of the funded mission of CSEA is to provide materials to research labs, it is helpful for us to be able to list the laboratories benefiting from this work. Thus, we would like to take this opportunity to ask that you refer other researchers who would like to receive these materials to us, rather than distributing the IAPS to others yourself.

Since some internet service providers automatically send bulk email to junk email folders, please adjust your email preferences to accept email from The name of the sender will be 'CSEAMedia'.

Thanks again for your interest.

Margaret M. Bradley, Ph.D. Peter J. Lang, Ph.D.
Coordinator CSEA Media Core CSEA Director

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